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Out of the Box by Deirdre Sheean

Type: Art
Price: $265.00


Out of the Box by Deirdre Sheean
12 x 16 inches
Frame: A single 2 inch mat with a 1 inch black/brown frame under glass.

Artist Statement: “I used a variety of floral stencils to depict the variety and profusion of colors one would normally find in a garden in spring. The box-like device was used to create the illusion of bursting, not being able to contain the explosion of color and shapes.”

Artist Bio: Deirdre’s art making is intuitive and she finds it quite honestly a little mysterious.  She is drawn to certain subjects and her color palette tends to gravitate towards earth tones.  She loves to play with textures and sharp edges but, other than that she is not sure why she does what she does. She wonders, “Why that shape? Why am I placing it there?”  Deirdre adds and subtracts, until it feels right. Portraiture at The Art Students League with Robert Brachman. Graphic design at Parsons School of Design.

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