9 Mins of Caring by Terry Cummings

Type: Art
Price: $875.00


Reimagine, 9 Mins of Healing by Terrance Cummings

Copyright © 2021 Terrance Cummings


mixed media

18 x 24 inches

year created: 2021


“After seeing the footage of George Floyd murder, I am contemplating what could have been during the last 9 minutes of his life.”

Artist’s Connection to Theme: Terrance connects this to the theme by offering a hopeful scenario instead of what transpired.

Image Description: Two figures depicted, one, in shades of beige, embracing the head and upper body of the other, which is rendered in shades of blue.  A large hand, in black, comes in from the top. The color red covers the top of the artwork.

Terrance Cummings' work is collected by a few private collectors and has licensed his work to many of the major publishing houses. He rarely sells his originals.

Frame: White frame.

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