My Heart is Broken by Jayme Fahrer

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $1,680.00


My Heart is Broken by Jayme Fahrer


mixed paints, spray paints, Indian ink

30 x 15 inches

year created: 2018

“This piece was created out of pure grief. I had lost my grandfather and NEEDED to create something to express how I was feeling. There was no plan, I had no visual idea in mind, it was purely driven by my emotions during this loss. I made it the same day my grandfather passed.”

Artist’s Connection to Theme: Grief can impact anyone's mental health, for the loss of anyone or anything, at any time. This loss, this grief, needed to be expressed in a healthy way for my own wellbeing. That is exactly what I did and this is what I created.

Image Description: The long 30" wide canvas is covered in a lavender purple hue. On top of which there is silver spray paint randomly marked throughout. There is some lace template at the top of the canvas, done with silver and lime green spray paint. There are smaller blotches of dark, black ink left unsettlingly around the canvas. Smaller protruding acrylic silver paint dots also are arranged around the piece.

Jayme Fahrer feels as if she has always been an artist, yet now has finally found her true voice and connection. She has been a professional artist for less than a decade, showing locally within West Windsor, Princeton, Bridgewater, Lawrenceville, and Trenton. She is an abstract painter, using mostly leftover and "oops" house paints to create paintings that speak for her. Each piece communicates as an expression of herself, her emotions, and her struggles with mental illness and chronic physical illness. Jayme uses color, movement, flow, contrast, and the creative making process to translate her desired expression onto canvas. She hopes that her openness about her mental and physical illness will help those who suffer alone and in silence, to feel that they are not alone, and they do not need to stay silent.

Frame: Gallery wrapped 1.5" canvas with finished edges.

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