Breathe Series by Guga

Type: Art
Price: $1,745.00


Breathe Series by Guga


acrylic on canvas

canvas size: four 12 x 12 inches and one 11 x 16 inches

year created: 2021


“A series which I worked on during the pandemic when emotional and mental strength, meditation was very important to me. The central piece of the series is a mudra (or gesture) that is central to meditation. Other pieces are hands with various Buddhist prayer artifacts. The background color has been chosen as yellow as the calm and cool color”


Artist’s Connection to Theme: This series was a way for Guga to connect and cope with everything happening today. And meditation and Buddhist practices are central to this series.

Image Description: The series depicts hands in various gestures central to mediation. The hands are rendered in shades of gray against a calm yellow background. 

Guga grew up in India surrounded by multiple cultures, languages, and religions. She was always fascinated by mythology and the larger-than-life tales of good, evil, patience, sacrifice, and equanimity growing up.  She now uses art as a medium to channel those themes and imagine beyond the ordinary. For her, the process of creation is wholly encompassing and a means of escape from the mundane. She uses a bright color palette representative of her Indian heritage, and her art often reflects her state of mind; sometimes these represent feminism, and other subjects from meditation to quirky animals.

Guga, who also goes by Gunjan Gogia, is a self-taught emerging artist in the Greater New York area. She is a software engineer by training.

Frame: Custom framed ready to hang.

$349 per piece, or $1745 for all 5 pieces
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