Meditation by Nancie Gunkleman

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $2,352.00


Meditation by Nancie Gunkelman



36 x 48 inches

Year Created: 2020

“I feel as though I am in a meditative state when I paint.”

Artist’s Connection to Theme: Exploring techniques for dealing with anxieties can be helpful to one's well-being.

Image Description:  Seeking peace and serenity in a chaotic world.

Combining Nancie Gunkelman’s love of science and art, she was a professional Medical Illustrator.  Her world changed when she joined the Peace Corps and worked at Nairobi's Medical Training Centre in Kenya.  Living in Africa, Nancie experienced the vivid colors and patterns of African dress and ornamentation and enjoyed the unique flora and fauna of the natural world. These contributed greatly to her artistic creations. She has done realistic as well as free-form semi-abstract paintings, depicting ordinary people and everyday scenes. Currently Nancie is drawn to wild abstractions, internal musings, using mixed media collages.

Frame: Unfinished wooden strips.

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