Lucid by Arushi Patel

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Lucid by Arushi Patel


oil, acrylic, dry pastel

18 x 24 inches

year created: 2021


“This piece of art is something very personal to me since it's a self-portrait of myself from three different ages. I project three different self-portraits of myself spanning from the ages 2-13. My inspiration in creating this piece was to track the true purpose of my life which would result in my mental well-being. I use my past to discover what it means to live life. The materials I use aid in conveying similar themes. The black and white throughout the piece symbolizes the simplicity of life by using two colors. However, the grays created through the hybrid of the other two colors shows the setbacks and doubts of truly discovering myself. Streaks of yellow are added to symbolize hope, and happiness through the means of discovery and finding opportunities in visualizing the world differently. The piece is intentionally showing the underpainting at the bottom to show the transparency one should possess in discovering oneself. This piece pushes me to discover my true interests despite the society pushing me directions that have known answers. I question the purpose of things and therefore the purpose of my life, as I paint symbols that define me and my interests in this world.”

Artist’s Connection to Theme: This artwork connects to the theme of mental health and well being as I depict the process of discovering identity through the means of purpose. I question how happiness is achieved and what makes me happy. As a result, I recognize that society frames a child to grow up and essentially abandon little experiences that lead to true self discovery. The common phrase of "don't be childish" once you grow up is unintentionally framing how the individual perceives and adapts to life by leaving the virtues of a child. I heavily believe in discovery and the purity and innocence that children possess when discovering something new about life. The happiness and genuineness exuded by a child upon learning something new is the ultimate purpose of life. Recent conventional ideologies about chasing success and money by compromising self discovery was extremely harmful in discovering myself and led to mental and emotional doubts about my own identity. The expectations of knowing what you want from life at the age of eighteen is exceeding unnecessary expectations from an adult who simply needs to be a child. Therefore, this piece is searching for that innocence, purity, discovery, and self identity, by letting go of any inhibitions, and doubts and by simply being a child for the means of sanity. 

Image Description: The image includes a collage in the top third of the canvas of all the things and items that I find intriguing. Every object symbolizes the rise of discovery in my life. It also simply depicts items that allow me to view life differently. Some of the objects include a hybrid American Indian flag, a bird, a traffic light, Medusa the gorgon, corals, a matchstick, plants, snakes etc.

As an artist, Arushi Patel believes in creating and developing designs that are a true reflection of her experiences and inner thoughts. Arushi believes that the individuality of an artist is the true representation of the art produced. Therefore, they engage in fabricating work that has a personal meaning and symbol which informs the viewer about their intentions through direct and indirect means.

Frame: The piece is finished with edges painted.

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