Sun and Moon by Anandi Ramanathan

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $392.00


Sun and Moon by Anandi Ramanathan



16 X 20 inches

year created: 2021


“Sun and Moon together make a day. It's good to plan to start a day and it's also good to introspect the day during the night. Planning a day and introspecting the day helps in well being. To err is human, to forgive is divine. So even after planning the day, if we end up making mistakes during the day, we could forgive ourselves and correct our mistakes during the night. This would help us in living a better life as we would put our best efforts to not repeat the mistakes again.”

Artist’s Connection to Theme: When planning and introspection happens daily, the mistakes will get reduced, the thoughts would be streamlined. We would focus more on living better. We tend to forgive others for their mistakes. As everyday passes by, we will get better than the previous day.

Image Description: Half of the painting is a sun showing the day with sunflowers and the remaining half of the painting is a moon showing the night with ocean waves

Though Anandi Ramanathan studied engineering and is a software engineer by profession, she has experience for more than 3 years for her passion in both watercolor and acrylic paintings. Her works have been displayed at Princeton University and promoted by the Arts Council of Princeton. Her artwork has been printed and sold on products like t-shirts, stickers, fridge magnets, greeting cards and art prints. Anandi teaches acrylic/watercolor paintings to kids from the age of 6 and adults for 50+ kids and adults.

Frame: Canvas board.

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