Hooked by Gwynneth VanLaven

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Hooked by Gwynneth VanLaven


photograph on sateen

24 x 36

year created: 2021


“This is an image of my recover-ing.  It sprouts from a process-- decades tangled in an eating disorder's hook.  After just one diet; hooked. Long suppressed, she dreams of taste.  This is step #217 of my millions of revolutionary acts of resilience.  Finally (again), food tastes like more than a tally of calories.  I dream, wonder.  Hungry?  Yes, and you?”

Image Description: A white woman cradles her lip which is twisted in pursed form.  She appears nude.  Her eyes are closed.

Gwynneth VanLaven (www.gwynnethvanlaven.net)  is an artist and educator living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Her art practice includes photography, installation, writing, performance, and social engagement.  She is interdisciplinary with a BA in Multimodal Language, Knox College, and MFA in Critical Art Practice, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.  There VanLaven taught at the School of Art until relocating to Michigan.  VanLaven’s writing is broadly published from The Washington Post to Performance Research.  Gwynneth’s multimedia installation and photographic artwork have been exhibited internationally, and at venues including the Smithsonian Institution and Kennedy Center.

Celebrating art for community and social action, Gwynneth recently worked with students at University of Michigan to redesign the fabric(s) of health institutions.  VanLaven is certified to lead InterPlay and assists for DanceAbility, both inclusive community-building embodiment modalities celebrating curiosity and play.  From her experiences with illnesses and disabling accidents, she embraces the humor and surprises that can ensue while being “patient.”

Frame: Fabric is printed on one side with white satin on reverse.

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