Speckled Teal by Raghu Sarma

Type: Accessories for Women: Fiber and Textile
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Speckled Teal by Raghu Sarma, Raghu's Creations

Woven stole to keep warm in an autumn evening.

Material: semi-wool yarn and french fancy acrylic yarn

Dimensions or size: 74"L x 15"W x 220gms

Artisan Statement: To prepare the loom the foundation for any weaving requires calculation of how many ends, the size of the reed based on the size of the yarn and the quality of the yarn is decided on the product of item to be weaved. Raghu is assisted by his parents in this process.

Once the yarn is fixed on the loom, Raghu starts weaving. Over a period of three years he has developed more precision in his weaving, learning to make variations for the different patterns planned and hopes that his goal of becoming an entrepreneur will be realized. He can weave scarves, table runners, stoles, place-mats and also cowls. Parents hope his list will grow.

Artisan Bio: I am the mother of the Artist Raghu Sarma who was born with downs syndrome. Raghu’s fascination for colors came to light from his love for coloring activities in the kindergarten. He points out a small object in a large picture unlike other kids, which developed his eye for small details. This showed in his work experience in screen printing, post press work in offset printing, and making of paper bags. He loves to experiment with his work and used to come up with different ideas in the nuances of his work. As he grew he developed a liking of different textures and exhibited this in his organizing his clothes closet, which in turn developed his organizational skills in all his activities. He was excited to see the different hues and textures of the yarns and the products exhibited at a studio for weaving. He learnt the basics of weaving and was excited at the end product, a scarf.

The parents developed his positive attributes to the art of weaving by helping him design ideas to encourage him in this vocation. He hopes to be an entrepreneur on his own in the future. A curious boy with Downs Syndrome fascinated by colors turned into a weaver of colorful Scarves.

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