Hematite Faceted Rectangles by Harriet Goldstein

Type: Jewelry
Price: $107.00


Hematite Faceted Rectangles by Harriet Goldstein

Gray is the pantone fashion color of the season. Elegant necklace is casual or dressy.

Material: Very unusual faceted hematite rectangle beads w/freshwater white pearl rondelles. It has an easy long sterling hook clasp.

18 inches long

“I have been using semi-precious stones, UNUSUAL freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass, sterling, vermeil and pewter to make my jewelry. I have sold to the gift shops in 25 museums on the east coast from Fifth Avenue to Boca Raton. I have also sold to more than 100 craft galleries, jewelry shops and clothing boutiques stretching from New England to Beverly Hills and have been accepted at several juried craft shows in the New York metropolitan area. I string on various strengths of bead wire as I found silk stretches over time. I just love to go buy more beads! And I love designing and making jewelry.”

Harriet Goldstein had no idea how she would fill her days after retiring from the legal administration field, when she took a beginner bead course and became obsessed by the colors and shapes of the stone beads. When Harriet’s necklace collection was too large for her allotted space, she decided to try to sell some of the jewelry. Harriet Goldstein’s very first sale was to a store on Madison Avenue in New York City. She makes a special effort to keep her jewelry varied, colorful, and moderately priced, as well as being coordinated with the fashion colors of the season. Harriet Goldstein recently moved from New York to New Jersey and is working to establish new clientele in her new location. Harriet’s husband is her "Executive Vice President'' and her driver on all the unfamiliar country roads as they explore New Jersey together. They have raised two wonderful sons in Dobbs Ferry (Westchester County, NY) and now have 5 fabulous grandchildren to love (and two special daughters-in-law). They moved to New Jersey to see more of all of them!


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