Madame De Pompadour's Garden by Meta Dunkly Arnold

Type: Art & Sculpture
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Madame De Pompadour's Garden by Meta Dunkly Arnold

Medium: mixed media
Dimensions:15.75w x 18.5h x 9.5d inches
On display at: Whole World Arts

Artist’s Statement: This assemblage depicts Madame de Pompadour, who loved pink and was the patron of Sevres porcelain, as a china figurine in a pink dress. Her thoughtful expression conveys her involvement in the eighteenth-century intellectual life of France. The ornate latticework suggests Versailles and hints at a gilded cage, while the profusion of flowers surrounds her in a moment of solitude and reverie.

Artist’s Bio:Meta Arnold works in assemblage and mixed media. Many of her pieces are kinetic, interactive, and narrative, designed to lead the viewer on a journey of discovery. Her recent architectural assemblages are inspired by reliquaries and shrines. Meta also teaches art to young children, with a hands-on studio approach to art history. She sees making and teaching art as a perpetual treasure hunt to find the magical hidden in the ordinary.

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