Breakthrough by Deborah Eater

Type: Art & Sculpture
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Breakthrough by Deborah Eater

Medium: found paper collage
Dimensions:6 x 6 x 1.5 inches
On display at: Whole World Arts

Artist’s Statement: "Breakthrough" is a metaphor for ideas that seem to spring suddenly from the subconscious. It includes a visual pun, the image of an analog clock face, representing the role of time in the process.

Artist’s Bio:Deborah Eater's commitment to environmentalism comes through in her medium. Her collages are built of recycled paper from magazines and other discarded materials, frequently on canvases and boards discarded by other artists. She studied drawing and painting at Fleisher and developed her collage technique independently through practice and experimentation. She has been creating art since 2014 and has twice received awards from the National Collage Society.

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