Arashi Silk Scarf-light blue by Susan Mitrano

Type: Accessories for Women: Fiber and Textile
Price: $40.00


Arashi Silk Scarf - shades of light blue by Susan Mitrano

Enjoy the soothing watery blues of this soft silk scarf. Hand-dyed with the Arashi (pole wrapping) Shibori technique with Indigo dyes. Pre-washed for color fastness and softness!

Material: 100% Silk scarf, Indigo dye.  Each scarf is handmade and there may be slight variations compared to the image.
Dimensions or size: 11" x 60"

Artisan Statement: As a long time printmaker and former graphic designer, I have always loved creating patterns. In creating linocut prints, the repetition of lines and forms in nature continually inspire me.  Shibori dyeing is a recent discovery. Both art forms transfer designs to a surface, but the work processes are quite different. When creating an image for printmaking, I faithfully transfer my drawing to the plate, but the image truly evolves during the carving.  While this stage is not planned, there is still time to pause, reflect and change directions - pulling a proof and finding where to carve more or differently. The result is a combination of formal reassessment and gut instinct. In the Shibori tradition the work is less controlled. This requires “letting go”  -  a bit scary, but wonderfully freeing!  While there are centuries-old techniques, each dyer applies these processes uniquely.  Fluctuations in temperature, dye intensity, and variations in materials also create subtle changes in outcome. This means each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind! 

Artisan Bio: Susan Mitrano is a long time printmaker, textile artist and watercolorist.  She is an art educator who also enjoys experimenting with new media.  She is a graduate of Syracuse University (BFA in Graphic Design) and The College of New Jersey (BA in Art Education) whose greatest joy is passing on the knowledge gained from her artistic pursuits to her students. 

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