Bride by Zakia Aziz Ahmed

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
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Bride by Zakia Aziz Ahmed

Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 20 x 26 inches

Artist Statement: The painting “Bride” is a typical Indian subcontinental bride, timid and docile with traditional wedding outfit and jewelry. On the other hand, the style of the painting is abstract which is the other end of the spectrum. The traditional theme and modern style is used to create harmony and beauty as it was meant to me. The beauty and purity of the picture appealed to me and inspired me to paint it.

Artist Connection to the theme: The word Bride itself denotes a joyful presence with bright future of optimism. The colors surrounding her could represent people from different ethnic background. The dark patches could be sorrows and struggles. The radiance from the bride’s eyes represent love and compassion for uniting the underprivileged in the society. I grew up in a very different cultural background. While living and teaching here, I feel connected with wonderful people from different ethnic backgrounds and I am grateful for that.

Bio: Zakia Ahmed is an accomplished artist from Bangladesh. She is the first woman to earn a Master’s degree in Fine arts from the university of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her works are in permanent exhibit at the National Museum of Bangladesh and has been featured in numerous solo and group art exhibitions including Austria, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and USA. Zakia is residing in USA for more than thirty years. Currently she is leaving in West Windsor, NJ spending most of her time painting and teaching art to children and adults. She also teaches guided oil painting at WWAC, NJ.

Frame: Metallic silver frame which matches the color and textures of painting.

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