Beauty in Fragments by Sumi

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Beauty in Fragments by Sumi

Medium: collage
Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches

Artist Statement: It a Collage made using cutout of Magazine. Bringing together small fragments that are not related to each other and then creating something so integrated gives me great pleasure

Artist Connection to the theme: I made this Collage by using different tones of brown to portray the face to prove that beauty is not in any one Skin tone. All tones become one to create one beautiful face. Inside all this skin is One soul that everybody has and that is where True Beauty lies.

Bio: A self-taught artist, I grew up in an Indian family surrounded by art and culture. Traveling and living in a new country every couple of years allows me to experiment with art that reflects uniqueness of the local culture, nature, art forms, and landscape. I enjoy experimenting with colors and mediums. Every time I experiment, I learn something new. I wouldn’t say that my style of painting is of any one kind. Using Colors fascinate me as much as black and white does. Painting Abstract fascinates me as much as Realism does. Drawing Nature fascinates me as much as Portrait does.

Frame: Artwork 6 x 8 inches in 11 x 14 inch frame.

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