Blood is Blue by Sumi

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $600.00


Blood is Blue by Sumi

Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas
Dimensions: 16 x 20 inches

Artist Statement: I have used knife and metallic acrylic colors to create the background.

Artist Connection to the theme: I have created the women in blue to prove that real color of blood running through every Human's body is blue. Skin color, gender, height, weight are all superficial. This painting depicts love and care that they have for the flowers. Flowers depict the fragility of everything around us-be it relationship, feelings, love and every other aspect that builds a community. The way these women are caressing the garlands is exactly how a Beloved Community be manifested.

Bio: A self-taught artist, I grew up in an Indian family surrounded by art and culture. Traveling and living in a new country every couple of years allows me to experiment with art that reflects uniqueness of the local culture, nature, art forms, and landscape. I enjoy experimenting with colors and mediums. Every time I experiment, I learn something new.  I wouldn’t say that my style of painting is of any one kind.  Using Colors fascinate me as much as black and white does.  Painting Abstract fascinates me as much as Realism does. Drawing Nature fascinates me as much as Portrait does. Frame: Stretched canvas.

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