Clear Blue Day by Veronica Foreman

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $226.12


Clear Blue Day by Veronica Foreman

Medium: acrylic paint & permeant markers
Dimensions: 2 canvas each 20 x 10 inches

Artist Statement: The title of the piece is called a clear blue day because growing up I remember adults always looking at the weather channel to see how the day would be. If the day was clear and blue, it meant we were having a “good day.”  So, to my mind, a good day would be when all skin colors would be treated equally. The reference of the American flag over the face of a brown person indicates that they are American and proud to be. On a clear blue day, a person can wear a hoodie and eat a bag of skittles with no worries about will they live to see tomorrow. Although on a clear blue day everything would be “perfect” there would still be a separation and that is depicted in the separation space between the two canvases.

Artist Connection to the theme: Manifesting Beloved Community means to me that communities can feel safe and loved by all kinds. The respect of all cultures will not determine one's life to live on the land we call earth. This piece connects to the title because our babies should be loved and wear hoodies for comfort not to be associated as a criminal for their attire. This piece also states in a beloved community our babies would be proud and not afraid to wear a hoodie. Please note I am a proud mother of two young teenagers and every day my children leave the house with their favorite comfortable hoodie on I am afraid I pray we can live in a beloved community.

Bio: Veronica comes from an artist family, her dad is a portrait artist and her aunt is a well-known fashion designer in Connecticut, mostly known for her unique prom dresses. So you can say it runs in her blood. Veronica attended schools of the arts since middle school. She graduated from Virginia State University with a degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Designs. While in college Veronica would sell her art to students and locals to become known for her custom unique designs throughout campus. She was known mostly for hand painting on shirts and memorable gifts for the Universities Greek and campus organizations. Veronica started designing outfits for her dance team that led to her designing clothes for fashion shows. She has also design outfits for her dance team who has opened for selected celebrity artists. After years of painting and designing clothes for other organizations she decided to start her own fashion line. EnvyLeague Collections was started in 2007. The designs are a mix of funk with a touch of class. It started out as an all-female line and branched to male accessories. Veronica also expresses her love for art through many hand-painted designs that have appeared on bags, t-shirts, jackets, and more… Veronica has had numerous fashion shows in the state of Virginia and in New Jersey. Recently you can find Veronica's graphic designs displayed on the Princeton Human Services "Get Vaccinated" campaign. Veronica respectively enjoys displaying her Cape Verdean culture throughout many of her pieces. Veronica continues to design with a range of media outlets. From graphic design services, fashion designs, themed events design, custom print apparel, hand-sewn & painted accessories, and personalized creative gifts for everyone. You can purchase some of her items through her online store.

Frame: Edges painted.

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