Not so Black by Spriha Gupta

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
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Not so Black by Spriha Gupta

Medium: mixed media
Dimensions: 12 x 24 inches

Artist Statement: There is hope. Not everything in life is Black and White.I have used burlap, wood, handmade paper and jute to put this piece together. Its very tactile and layered. Who said living life with its experiences had to be labeled under one color. We experience a myriad of emotions which are married into the color wheel when we express ourselves. There are in-betweens...like the grays in the black and whites of our lives. Lets be open to allow the grays, the in-betweens in life and not be so hard on ourselves.

Artist Connection to the theme: This piece is about inclusivity...about facing similar challenges in our day to day life without being slammed by our skin color. Nothing is ever permanent and society needs to be ever-changing and accepting of all. Voices need to be heard and words need to be spoken and people need to listen up. The textures and unevenness of this piece reflects on the challenges we face on so many fronts nothing is ever black and white.

Bio: Spriha Gupta is a narrative mixed media artist bringing organic forms and textures into her body of work. She uses iconic symbolism to exemplify concepts close to her heart that are influenced by personal, societal, and environmental changes. Strongly influenced by her Indian cultural roots she is fearless in her use of colors and weaves them into her creation. She feels that art can pull one out of isolation in so many ways and illuminate the interior world that resides in each one of us while engaging in a dialogue. Art heals; it calms and inspires. Spriha builds layers and textures with different materials including various gel mediums The almost three-dimensional pieces of her work suggest that art has no boundaries and is limitless in nature the colors and forms flow from one space to another.  
Spriha’s artworks have been featured at various exhibition venues. Her works are also part of private collections across the globe. Frame: On wood with burlap hanging on the sides.

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