Erika-The Messenger by Marzena Haupa

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $600.00


Erika-The Messenger by Marzena Haupa

Medium: acrylic and spray on canvas
Dimensions: 24 x 32 inches

Artist Statement: My inspiration for this painting was a little girl named Erika. I was deeply inspired by her positive energy, great attitude and sense of self.

Artist Connection to the theme: Erika was born to a Romanian mother and an African American father who found their new home in US. She is a happy child embraced by the love of her biracial family. Her hard working parents teach her the values of education, work and excellence. She experiences peace, love and unity and spreads these feelings with others. Erika sees good in the world and in the people beyond the color of their skin. I was deeply inspired by her.

Bio: Painting is my new passion that I discovered during the time of the pandemic. I love nature and people. Through the means of contemporary art I can capture the beauty I find around me and share it with others. The style I use, a combination of abstract art and figurative painting, allows me to capture the emotions, character, and intentions of people. Vibrant colors, shapes, lines, and patterns give me the freedom of interpretation to create a specific atmosphere for each painting. Frame: Painted edges.

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