United by Tragedy by Glenda Mah

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $1,500.00


United by Tragedy by Glenda Mah

Medium: textile art
Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Artist Statement: This piece contains the names of 115 unarmed individuals that were killed by police. There are 115 fractured shapes. I used hand dyed fabric for the background and hand dyed fabric sheets collaged to create the dimensional masks. The red tears were created individually by R.Bigelow and presented to me as a gift for the piece. This piece acknowledges the loss of life and the fractured lives surrounding these deaths. Families were torn by grief, communities were fractured and important issues were brought to light. The masks represent the shared grief over the loss of life and affected communities.. Fractured masks represent the destruction of life and emotions. The tears were shed and continue to be shed - hopefully leading to healing through shared grief. Hope for change to come. My desire is to hang this piece and people will sign the canvas as a show of solidarity. For now, it contains only my signature.

Artist Connection to the theme: My hope is that this piece will draw communities together in solidarity by acknowledging the loss of life to unarmed people of color. A re examination of systemic racism in our police departments and among law enforce is but one issue. Examining the systemic racisim in our society and acknowledging that healing can and must take place. Shared grief and anger and frustration can and should lead to change and a world where everyone feels safe and protected.

Bio: I am a shibori artist and art quilter. My quilts and shibori art draw on current affairs and the natural world. I live and work in Salem, Oregon and am a member of Studio Art Quilter Association. I use the medium of needle and thread as my paint brush. I try to imbue my emotions and thoughts into the piece as I stitch and then hand dye. All of my piece are made from mostly handyed fabric.

Frame: Textile mounted on canvas.

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