Troubled Water by Brandon Moultrie

Type: 2022 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $2,000.00


Troubled Water by Brandon Moultrie

Medium: mixed media (acrylic and collage)
Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches

Artist Statement: The piece is a homage to Frida Kahlo’s work What the Water Gave Me. Kahlo allowed her subconscious to take over, and was able to dive into the depth of her subconscious life in a warm bath tub. Thus inspiring me to create my own interpretation in a black queer perspective. Troubled Water (Working Title) tells a story about recents event in my life from broken home, queer identity in religion ,burnt anime offerings to Mariah Carey and so much more.

Artist Connection to the theme: Learning to heal from our trauma and learn to connect with each other.

Bio: My practice explores social issues and the personal experiences. As a black queer artist, I push for equality, vulnerability, and a better understanding of different cultures. I am inspired by past relationships and celebrating human experiences. I have become quite fond of combining found imagery and traditional materials as a form of expression. Currently, Atlanta is where I call home as work on building my portfolio and helping local communities. During my spare time, I am co – chair and curator of an art organization called Cuz I Love You, Atlanta. Our BIPOC art collective focuses providing fun and creative event to the city and giving back tocommunities in need. We have been recognized and work with amazing artist like George Baker, Trans Housing Coalition, and Free 99 Fridge. I encourage you to please check our Instagram page (@cuziloveyouatlanta) to learn more about our process.

Frame: No frame.

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