DivaISH by Felicia L. Reed

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DivaISH by Felicia L. Reed

Medium: fiber art - wet felting
Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches

Artist Statement: This piece represents groups that we as people of color have aligned to in order to push forward for hundreds of years. It was made in honor of my Sister-N-Love who is an AKA and has demonstrated community, endurance, commitment, evolving, faith and positive mindset. It is made with silk and wool fibers hand agitated in an ancient felting technique. It is filled with affirmations, pieces of nature, essential oils, prayers and high vibrations. It is a reflection that our "community" may be a body of individuals who come together for the good of humanity outside of those who may co-exist in our living communities. It represents divine feminine connectivity and togetherness.

Artist Connection to the theme: This piece, DivaISH, is a true reflection of how we can lock arms and hearts as Martin Luther King, Jr often did to create a community of change. It represents female determination to excel and overcome. It serves as a reminder that we are better together. DivaISH brings symbolism of "it takes a village" and "we rise by helping others". This Healing Wrap is a testament to women coming together for great causes, sustainment and service to our communities. Most of all this Healing Wrap is an amazing modality of incredible love AND admiration from one black female to another...my Sister-N-Love, Jacqueline M. Jones.

Bio: Felicia Reed is a certified Award Winning Fiber Artist, Life Purpose, Spiritual and Christian Coach, Advocate, Speaker, Quality Management Professional and a TV Host of “Females Without Fear to Face Art”. Ms. Reed sits on organization boards and in mastermind teams that are supporting others in their lives. She works with groups and individuals to promote positive and constructive life changes and healing modalities primarily using art and nature. Her fiber art artistic ability was literally an answer to a prayer. Ms. Reed is a survivor of several life-altering traumatic experiences where she firmly believes that natural modalities and art saved her life. Her award-winning wet felted Healing Wraps are featured in galleries, various types of engagements, art forums and wellness settings as tools that spark dialog and promote change to overcome life transitions and trauma. Felicia L. Reed inspires others, especially females, to own life events, face them, and ultimately heal them to a manageable degree. Ms. Reed is working on an upcoming book and touring as a fiber artist. She can be reached at 301-728-0027, on IG at @fiberartwithfelicia and by email at fiberartwithfelicia@gmail.com

Frame: Healing Wrap is approximately 7' x 20" and is framed in a black shadow box frame.

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